Help us try and figure out just how hard ECE courses are at UT Austin 🤘

This is a system that works using pairwise comparisons and ELO. In the background every vote affects the overall ELO of the course using the Glicko2 algorithm. You can read more about it here. With every vote, we become a little more sure of the subjective difficulty of these courses. An ELO system is better than a simple rating since individual's scales can drastically differ.

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EE341 - Electric Drives and Machines

Fundamentals of electric machines. Electromechanical energy conversion; magnetic circuits, transformers, and energy conversion devices; and an introduction to power electronics. Motor drive fundamentals and applications.

EE361C - Multicore Computing

Theoretical and practical aspects of designing multicore software systems; programming constructs for concurrent computation; openMP; sequential consistency; linearizability; lock-based synchronization; lock-free synchronization; wait-free synchronization; consensus number; software transactional