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This is a system that works using pairwise comparisons and ELO. In the background every vote affects the overall ELO of the course using the Glicko2 algorithm. You can read more about it here. With every vote, we become a little more sure of the subjective difficulty of these courses. An ELO system is better than a simple rating since individual's scales can drastically differ.

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EE339 - Solid-State Electronic Devices

Semiconductor materials; atomic orbitals to energy band structure of semiconductors; charge carrier transport, electron-hole generation and recombination; p-n junctions and Schottky barriers; bipolar and filed-effect transistors; and introduction to optoelectronic devices.

EE306 - Introduction to Computing

Motivated, bottom-up introduction to computing; bits and operations on bits; number formats; arithmetic and logic operations; digital logic; the Von Neumann model of processing, including memory, arithmetic logic unit, registers, and instruction decoding and execution; introduction to structured programming and debugging; machine and assembly language programming; the structure of an assembler; physical input/output through device registers; subroutine call/return; trap instruction; stacks and applications of stacks.